We were called to diagnose a Volkswagen Scirocco with the CAVD 1.4 TSI engine and a complaint of rev limiting @ 3000 rpm, low power output and the EPC light on, before doing anything the vehicle was scanned for fault codes and DTC P10A4 was logged which points to a fault in the regulation of the intake flaps.


The intake manifold actuator was checked bidrectionally, physically inspected and scoped - it turned out to be a bad actuator motor, a replacement was not readily available locally and was costly to order hence the customer opted to have the flap regulation control removed from the engine control unit software/maps.

The engine control unit software was read with sophisticated hardware on bench without the need to open the lid which results in less probability for hardware damage.

The software was calibrated and maps removed at specific offsets for the P10A4 fault code - the engine control unit was reinstalled on the vehicle and the flaps were manually set to fully open position then upon first starting, the vehicle instantly started revving over 3000 rpm.

The vehicle was tested by the client who was impressed with the restoration of the vehicle's power and also noted an increase in performance and better fuel consumption.

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