We were called to diagnose a BMW F30 320i which did not allow gear selection after the lcokset was replaced.

The client replaced the lockset due to a fault in the original DME, the lockset purchased by our client included the immobilizer key, DME and the FEM which is enough to start the vehicle but not allow selecting gears as the transmission control unit (known as the EGS) also stores EWS (immobilizer) information.

An image of the lockset purchased by the client is attached below


At Moks Auto we do not believe in changing locksets as this usually means changing parts that are not required and also losing original features, coding and programming, in our case the client could not get hold of the EGS.

Along with not being able to select gears, the client had other issues like the fuel gauge not working, having to put the key under the steering column to start the vehicle, remote central locking not working and windows inoperative, all these issues were due to the donor FEM being incompatible.

All the original lockset was restored apart from the donor DME as that was the only part which needed replacement.

The original FEM data was processed which allowed us to use the donor DME and insert new immobiliser data to work with the original lockset.

The donor DME after processing was put back on the vehicle, flashed and coded according to the vehicle's istep level and FEM vehicle order.

After doing so, the vehicle was now able to select gears and everything was operational as before.

The client was delighted to have his vehicle selecting gears and fully operational but was disappointed at the fact he did not know how the system on his vehicle operates, however, now he does!

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