We were called to diagnose a Mazda CX5 KE Skyactiv-D 2014 model with the 2.2L SH engine with a complaint of lack of power, and a DPF warning message in the IPC/instrument cluster.

Our initial diagnostic and physical inspection revealed the DPF particulate matter was too high hence the DPF warning message staying constantly active, a regeneration or even DPF cleaning did not fix the issue as the DPF core was internally damaged requiring complete replacement.

As the cost of replacement is quite high and parts not being readily available locally, our client did not want to have this issue again, which led to the option of completely disabling the DPF control system in the engine control unit.

The maps/software of the engine control unit was read out by sophisticated hardware, calibrated to disable DPF and EGR control and also power gains were increased and fuel consumption decreased by modifying the SOI in relation to the EGR.

This resulted in a lower overall fuel consumption by 10% and increase of power from 175 horsepower & 420nm torque to 200 horsepower & 480nm torque.

The calibrated maps were then written back to the engine control unit and the vehicle was tested - the client was thrilled with the DPF & EGR control disabled (no more warning messages whatsoever) and was thrilled even more with the increase in power and torque!

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