We were called to diagnose a Mercedes Benz Actros MP2 W934.161 with the OM501LA engine and a complaint of low power output and a MR warning light in the instrument cluster.

Before physically inspecting potential issues or tilting the cab, using sophisticated tools, the MR was queried for fault codes and there was a DTC stored for the crankshaft position sensor.


The crankshaft sensor being the inductive type (meaning it generates its own AC voltage signal which is directly fed to the MR), the crankshaft signal was checked with an oscilloscope and it was found the sensor was not producing a signal, before replacing parts, the sensor was physically inspected for swarf, the reluctor wheel was also checked along with the air gap.

Now that we were sure our culprit was the sensor itself, a brand new sensor was purchased and installed on the truck, the MR fault memory was also cleared and the truck was tested by the client.

The client was delighted to have his truck thoroughly and correctly diagnosed, repaired and back on the road.

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